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abingdon - Abingdon
abingdon - Municipal borough and ancient market town of Berkshire England. It is on the Thames, 6 m. S. of Oxford by the G.W.R., and has clothing and carpet factories and a large agricultural trade. Later-established industries include a large motor and engineering works, and at the R.A.F. station here bomber crews and airborne forces were trained during the Second Great War. The g r a in m a r school, founded 1563, was rebuilt in 1870; other antiquities include the remains of a 7th century abbey, which was rebuilt in 955 and became one of the richest in the kingdom, a 15th century bridge, and a 17th century town hall. Abingdon was a prominent town in the 8th century. A parl. borough down to 1885, it now gives its name to a county division which returns one M.P. Pop. 7.240.

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