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abrasives - Abrasives;
abrasives - Scouring and polishing materials used in a variety of manufacturing processes. High-grade abrasives are natural minerals, such as emery or corundum, or artificial products of alumina or silicon-carbide, such as carborundum; these materials are largely limited in use to the metal-working industries. Corundum is obtained from Palmer Rapids, Ontario, Corundum Hill, North Carolina, the Leydsdorp district in the Transvaal, and Madagascar. Emery is obtained from Turkey, Naxos, and Peekskill, New York State.

Artificial abrasives are, in general, made by electrical power obtained from waterfalls, in France, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States. Low-grade abrasives are crushed quartz for sandpaper, etc.; quartz sand for plate-glass making and for etching glass and stone; feldspar and quartz for polishing powders, etc.; pumice powder, diatomaceous earth or tripoli for scouring materials; flint pebbles for use in grinding pigments, etc.; and, finally, grindstones, such as tftose made from the millstone grit of the Pennines, Whetstones, hones, etc. See Carborundum; Grinding.

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