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abruzzi e molise - Abruzzi e Molise;
abruzzi e molise - Department or compartimento of central Italy, comprising the provs. of A'juila. Teramo, Ohieti. Pescara, and Oampobasso. The first four formed the Abruzzi and the last the Molise of the old kingdom of Xaples. Its area is 6,387 sq. m. Sloping E. and W. from the Apennines, wrhere rises the Gran Sassa d'ltalia (9,600 ft.), it is mainly mountainous, with valleys running N.E. to the Adriatic. Snow lies on the heights all the winter, and the climate is severe. Forests abound, with pasturage lower down, and in the fertile valleys cereals and wine are produced. Cattle, sheep, and pigs are reared, and silk and cutlery manufactured. Pop. 1,677,146.

During the Second Great War the Allied armies advanced northwards through Abruzzi e Molise, the British 8th Army crossing the Sangro river on the Adriatic sector of the front in Nov., 1943. The German "winter line" collapsed in the face of the British onslaught, and Ortona in the province of Chieti was captured by the Canadians at the end of Dec. Heavy fighting occurred in towns and villages as the Germans retreated towards Pescara.

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