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absentee - Absentee (Lat. absens, being away);
absentee - In general, one who is absent, but the word has come to be specially associated with Irish landlords. Many of these, while continuing to draw their rents from Ireland, lived elsewhere, and the Irish regarded it as a grievance that the money paid by them in rent should be spent in other lands. The problem was an old one, and in Tudor times measures were taken against absentees. For some years in the 18th century the holders of offices in Ireland had their incomes heavily taxed unless they resided in the country. The question was again acute in the 19th century, after the union of the Parliaments had provided an additional reason for absenteeism from Ireland, but it was largely resolved by the gradual transfer of the land from the landlords to the tenants.

Before the Revolution there was a good deal of absenteeism among French landlords. The U.S.A., Canada, Australia, and other new countries have many absentee landlords, owning large tracts of land but living elsewhere.

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