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absorption - Absorption (Lat. absorbere, to suck in);
absorption - Sucking up of a liquid solution throughout the mass of the solid absorbing material.

absorption of light. This is the retention of some part of the light from any luminous source, by the medium air, water, or a transparent or semi-transparent solid through which the light travels. If a luminous body be in a perfect void the energy of its light loses nothing as it travels outwards. But between the stars there is light absorbing matter; it contains an uncertain quantity of cosmic dust and, it is supposed, some unilluminated matter agglomerated in dark nebulse.

The atmospheres of planets may also be highly absorbent, e.g. in the cloudy atmosphere of the planet Venus. But as on the one hand no medium is entirely transparent to light, and always absorbs some part of its energy, so no body is entirely opaque, for light can penetrate some distance into all bodies. The Rontgen Rays can travel through many bodies which are customarily regarded as opaque to ordinary light rays.

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