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abstinence, days of - Abstinence, days of;
abstinence, days of - Days appointed in the churches to be observed by abstinence from flesh food. In the Anglican church the words fasting and abstinence are used indifferently, and fasting or abstinence is enjoined during the forty days of Lent, the twelve Ember days, the three Rogation days, all Fridays except when Christmas Day falls on a Friday, and the eves of certain festivals. In the Roman Catholic church a distinction is observed between fasting and abstinence, and the days of abstinence vary in different countries. The general rule is that all Fridays, the Wednesdays of Advent and Lent, the Ember days, the eves of Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, SS. Peter and Paul, Assumption, and All Saints, are days of abstinence. See Fasting.

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