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acacia - Acacia (Gr. akis, point);
acacia - An extensive genus of spiny shrubs and trees of the leguminous family. They are natives of hot countries, and grow in belts on the extreme edge of deserts. The minute flowers are gathered into crowded spikes or globular heads. The leaves are divided into many leaflets, which gives them a light, feathery appearance. In many species the leaves are not developed, but, instead, the leaf-stalks are flattened and expanded to serve as true leaves. These phyllodes always turn their edges upwards and down-wards, so that they give little shade. Some species furnish valuable drugs, gums, and tanning material.

The acacias of the greenhouse come from Australia, the East Indies and South America, and vary in height from 5 ft. to 20 ft. The flowers are yellow, white, and red. They flourish in any ordinary mixture of loam and sand in a temperature of from 50° to 65°. The mop-headed, standard, so-called acacia-tree of suburban gardens is really robinia, or false acacia, raised from seeds or cuttings in the ordiiMuy way. The Australian wattle is an acacia, and this the Anzac troops planted on the graves of their comrades before evacuating Gallipoli in 1915.

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