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acarus - Acarus (Gr. akari, mite);
acarus - Genus of minute parasitic animals belonging to a division of the Arachnids. They include the itch and mange mites, the harvest mite which causes heat lumps in autumn, the follicle mite common in the hair, and the cheese mite.

Acarus scabiei is a species of human parasite, the female of which produces the condition known as scabies or itch. It is not visible to the naked eye, but under the microscope is seen to have a fiat roundish bodj' with eight legs, to the four anterior of which are attached suckers, and to the posterior set bristles. It burrows into the skin, where it lays its eggs, causing severe irritation, which is made worse by inflammation set up by constant scratching. The condition is readily cured by appropriate ointments. The male, which is smaller, lives on the surface of the skin and takes no part in causing the symptoms. Itch is most frequent in people of dirty habits, but may occur in cleanly people if the parasite happens to find a lodgment on the skin. Acarus follicujorum is a minute and unimportant parasite found in the sebaceous glands of the face and body.

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