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accrington - Accrington;
accrington - Municipal and parl. borough and market town of Lancashire, England. On the river Hindburn, 23 m. N.W. of Manchester by the L.M.S., it is an important cot-ton-spinning centre, with cotton - weaving, Accringfcon arms bleaching, cotton - printing, and dye-works, and manufactures chemicals and textile machinery; also carpet sweepers, mangles, and washing machines. There are quarries and collieries in and near, the town. S. James's Church, rebuilt in 1763, dates from 1554, but the police station, fire station, law courts, and other buildings are modern. First mentioned in Henry II's reign, Accrington developed with the railway and the Lancashire coalfield in the middle years of the 19th century, and was granted a charter of incorporation in 1878. Formerly giving its name to a county division, it was created a parl. borough under the Representation Act, 1918, and now returns one member to Parliament. Market days, Tues., Fri., Sat. Pop. about 40,000.

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