ace defined in 1939 year

ace - Ace (Lat. as, a unit);
ace - Term originally used in connexion with dice, to denote the side of the die with one pip. Hence, the expression, when dicing with two cubes, deuce ace, i.e. deuce turned up with one die and ace with the other. The ace is also the one pip in playing cards; but though in dice always indicating the lowest, in cards the ace is often the highest of each suit. The term denotes one point at badminton, rackets, tennis, etc.

ace defined in 1939 year

ace - Ace;
ace - Term first used in the First Great War to designate a fighting pilot who had brought down five enemy machines in aerial combat. In France and Germany particularly the scores of the aces were followed with great interest. The term was used again in the Second Great War, the U.S. Army Air Force adopting a system whereby a pilot who shot down five enemy machines was an ace, and one who shot down ten or more became a double ace. British pilots in both wars discouraged the ace system.

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