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acetate - Acetate;
acetate - The salts of acetic acid, the oldest salts made artificially. They include verdigris (copper acetate), made by the Greeks from grape skins in contact with copper; sugar of lead (lead acetate), a poisonous salt with a sweetish taste; and iron and aluminium acetates used in dyeing.

Cellulose acetate is mostly manufactured by treating cotton fibres (linters) with acetic acid and acetic anhydride in the presence of sulphuric acid as a catalyst. It is the basis of many plastics, films, lacquers (dopes), and rayon (artificial silk). Combined with a plasticizing agent it gives non-inflammable, sub-standard (16mm. or 9 mm.) cinema safety film which can be used without the special licence required for the inflammable nitrate film. See Cellulose: Film; Plastics,

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