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acrobat - Acrobat (Gr. akrobatos, walking on tiptoe);
acrobat - General term for a professional performer on the trapeze, a tight-rope walker, or a tumbler. In medieval times such performers, male and female, were called in England tumblers, and their feats are illustrated in several 13th and 14th century MSS. There was a famous rope-dancer named Jacob Hall in the reign of Charles II, and, later, Richer, a celebrated acrobat at Sadlers' Wells. Street acrobats were common in Victorian times; and some are still to be met with at country fairs. A troop of acrobats has always been one of the stock turns of a travelling circus, and daring trapeze performances are to be seen at the chief music halls. A clever acrobat was Charles Blondin, who in 1859 several times walked across a tight-rope over Niagara Falls. See Le Roux and Garnier's Acrobats and Mountebanks, Eng. trans. A. P. Morton, 1890.

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