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action francaise, l' - Action Francaise, L';
action francaise, l' - French newspaper and political group. Founded as a monthly periodical in 1908 at the time of the Dreyfus case, L'Action Francaise became a daily newspaper in 1908 soon noted no less for its literary brilliance than for its unbridled invective. It supported the restoration of the French monarchy, a return to the old system of provincial administration, the grant of a privileged position to the Roman Catholic Church, and in industry a corporate state on Fascist lines. At the outbreak of the Second Great War L'Action Francaise took up a pro-Allied attitude; but after the fall of France in 1940 its attitude changed to one of support for Petain. With the liberation of 1944, it was suppressed by the De Gaulle provisional govt., along with all other collaborationist periodicals.

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