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acton - Acton (A.S. ac. an oak; tun, a town or farm);
acton - Mun. and parl. bor. of Middlesex, England, 4 m. W. of London (Paddington). A residential and industrial suburb, easily accessible from London by the G.W.R. and London Transport, it has manufactures of motor parts and accessories, engineering works, printing works, food products, laundries, and many other industries.

In 1922 important extensions were made to the local hospital as the chief part of Acton's war memorial, and further extensions were made in 1928 The town hall, including an assembly hall with a seating capacity of 1,000, was completed in 1939.

Acton gives its name to a county division of Middlesex which i e-turus one member. Pop. 70,510.

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