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adams, john, usa - Adams, john, USA (1735-1826);
adams, john, usa - The second president of the U.S.A. Born Oct. 30, 1735, at Braintree, later Quincy, Massachusetts, he graduated at Harvard and became a lawyer. An ardent advocate of colonial rights, he protested in 1765 against (the enforcement of the Stamp Act and the right of Britain to tax the colonists. As a delegate from Massachusetts, he was a member of the continental congress at Philadelphia in 1776, and proposed that the colonies should henceforward govern themselves. He helped to draft the Declaration of Independence, and was president of the Board of War in Washington's cabinet.

As a commissioner from Congress, Adams repeatedly visited France and Holland, and was a member of the body which arranged the treaty of 1783 between Great Britain and the U.S.A. Two years later he was appointed minister to Great Britain, and in 1796 was a candidate for the presidency. He was supported by the Federalists and defeated his opponent, Thomas Jefferson, the Republican candidate. In 1800, however, the two were again candidates, and this time Adams was beaten. He retired to Quincy, where he died July 4, 1826. While in England Adams published his Defence of the Constitution of the United States, 1787. See Life of John Adams, C. F. Adams, 1871; John Adams, J. T. Morse, 1890.

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