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adelaide, south australia - Adelaide, South Australia;
adelaide, south australia - Capital of South Australia. It stands near St. Vincent Gulf, 7 m. by rly. S.E. of Port Adelaide, The city, founded in 1836, and named after the queen of William IV, is divided into North and South Adelaide, the latter being the commercial portion, by the Torrens river. An important station on the Australian railway system, it is situated on a plain, overlooked on the E. and S. by the Mount Lofty range, which rises between 4 m. and 8 m. beyond the town. The Torrens, crossed here by four bridges, has been converted by a dam into an extensive lake.

On the wide, regular streets, laid out in a "grid" formation, stand many imposing buildings— the government house, parliament house, town hall, South Australian institute, jubilee exhibition building (1887), and hospital.

Adelaide is the seat of an Anglican and a Roman Catholic bishopric, with cathedrals dedicated respectively to S. Peter and S. Francis Xavier, its chief educational institutions being the university and a school of mines and industries. A number of fine statues includes one of Robert Burns and copies of Canova's Venus and the Farnese Hercules. The Botanic Gardens have an area of 40 acres, and the adjoining Botanic Park and Zoological Gardens are 85 acres in extent.

There are also extensive parks and parklands on the outskirts, forming a green belt one mile broad, the suburbs being built on the far side. At Marble Hill, 12 m. distant, in the Mount Lofty range, is the vice-regal summer residence. Adelaide, which claims to be free of slums, is the trade centre of South Australia, its chief exports consisting of wheat, flour, wool, wine, and copper; its manufactures include leather, iron, steel, and woollen goods. Pop. 366,000.

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