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administrator - Administrator;
administrator - In English law, the person to whom are granted letters of administration to wind up the estate of a deceased person. The order in which the court will grant such letters is (1) next-of-kin; (2) creditors. The next-of-kin rank in the following order of preference. (1) Widow or widower; (2) child; (3) grandchild; (4) great-grandchild; (5) father; (6) mother: (7) brother or sister or their descendants; (8) grandparent; (9) uncle, aunt or their descendants. In default of these the crown is entitled. If a man makes a will, and either appoints no executor, or the executor dies, the Probate court will appoint an "administrator with the will annexed," to wind up the estate and give effect to the will. In this case the residuary legatee is usually appointed, as being the person most interested. Creditor administrators are generally appointed when the deceased has left more debts than estate. When an illegitimate person dies intestate and unmarried, the mother is entitled to all his property; if she is dead, the crown takes it.

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