admiralty islands

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admiralty islands - Admiralty Islands;
admiralty islands - Group of islands in the Pacific, N. of New Guinea. Part of the Bismarck archipelago, their total area is some 600 sq. m. Manus, the largest, about 55 m. long, is mountainous but fertile. The natives are of Papuan origin. Coconut trees abound, and the pearl fisheries are valuable. Discovered by the Dutch in 1616, and part of a German protectorate in 1885, they were occupied by Australian troops in Sept., 1914, and have formed part of the Australian mandate of New Guinea since 1920. Japanese forces overran the islands early in 1942, but U.S. forces, landing on Los Negros Is. on Feb. 29, 1944, had cleared the whole area by March 18. The native population in 1940 was 13,450.

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