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adobe - Adobe;
adobe - Spanish word meaning sun-dried bricks. These bricks are made of mud, chopped straw or similar material being added to prevent cracks in the drying. The word is also used for the earth from which the bricks are formed and any structure made of the material indicated. Slime of this kind of earth serves for mortar.

An adobe structure is formed by embedding dry mud in wet mud. Adobe bricks are found, plentifully in prehistoric structures in hot climates. Egypt abounds in them, and in the pre-Aztec remains of Mexico they are sometimes ball-shaped, as if moulded in the palms of the hands. Egyptian mud-bricks of great age were shaped in moulds, and Layard states that their ordinary size was about 12 ins. by 12 ins. by 3½ ins., while some were much larger. Sun-dried bricks attain to great hardness in hot countries, but a serious proposal, made in 1916, that rammed earth (pise de terre) should be used in England for the construction of labourers cottages ignored the humidity and comparative sunlessness of the British climate. See Brickmaldng.

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