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adrar - Adrar (Berber, highlands);
adrar - Name of several large areas in the French and Spanish Sahara. The most important are Adrar Ahnet, Adrar Iforas, Adrar Suttuf, and Adrar Temur. Adrar Ahnet is a district of French Sahara, an elevated region lying S.S.W. of the Hoggar or Ahaggar mountains and bounded on the E. by Air (Asben) and on the W. by Adrar Iforas. It is extremely barren, and the nomad population consists of Tuaregs.

Adrar Iforas, another district of French Sahara, forms part of a desert plateau lying W. of Ai'r (Asben) and N.E. of Timbuktu. It is mountainous and practically waterless; the population is mostly nomadic, but there are settlements at Tessalit and Tele yet. From 1903 it was extensively explored by the French government with a view to the construction of a Trans-Saharan railway from Algiers to Timbuktu. Adrar Suttuf is a region of Rio de Oro, Spanish Africa, in the S.W. of the colony, immediately S. of the Tropic of Capricorn. A mountainous district, yielding salt deposits, it was confirmed in Spanish possession by a boundary treaty with France in 1900. The area is about 2,200 sq. m.

Adrar Temur is an administrative district of Mauretania, French Sahara. Lying to the N.E. of the Senegal river, it is mountainous and arid but with numerous oases. The principal centres of population are Atar, where date palms are found, and Shingeti, where caravans start for St. Louis in Senegal with dates, ostrich feathers, and gold dust. Salt is mined in the Ijil district adjoining Rio de Oro. Other places are Wadan and Ujeft. The mixed population of Berbers, Arabs, Tuaregs, and Negroes is estimated at 10,000. See Rio de Oro; Sahara.

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