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adrian iv - Adrian IV;
adrian iv - Pope 1154-9. Nicholas Breakspear by name, he was the only English pope, being born at Langley in Hertfordshire. He became a monk in France, and, made abbot of a house near Aries, attracted the attention of Eugenius III, who made him a cardinal. He did good work for the Church in Norway and Sweden, and in 1154 was elected pope. He condemned Arnold of Brescia, and exalted the power of the Papacy. By crowning.Frederick I as emperor in 1155, he so displeased the Romans that they drove the two rulers from their city. Returning in 1156, Adrian was involved in a quarrel with Frederick about their respective rights, which occupied him until his death at Anagni, Sept. 1, 1159. Adrian was the pope from whom Henry II asked permission to conquer Ireland.

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