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adrianople - Adrianople (Gr. Adrianopolis, the city of Hadrian);
adrianople - City of Turkey in Europe. Called Edirne by the Turks, it is on the Maritza at its junction with the Tunja, 137 m. by rly. W.N.W. of Istanbul, and is the capital of the vilayet of Adrianople. In addition to the 16th century mosque of Selim II, a ruined palace, and a Byzantine bridge, it has an immense bazaar, barracks, hospitals, schools, and municipal and military buildings. A commercial centre, exporting silk, wine, tobacco, opium, otto of roses, rosewater, wax, Turkey-red dye, and agricultural produce, it manufactures leather, cotton, woollens, and tapestry. Pop. 46,447.

Originally called Uskudama, and renamed after the Roman emperor Hadrian, who rebuilt and embellished it about a.d. 125. from 1361 to 1453 it was the capital of the Ottoman Empire. Here, after the Russo-Turkish War, was signed the treaty of Sept. 14, 1829. Adrianople was entered by the Russians in 1877-78, and besieged during the Balkan War of 1912-13. It was ceded to the Balkan allies by the Treaty of London of May 30, 1913, but on the outbreak of hostilities between Bulgaria and her former allies was again occupied by the Turks, to whom it was formally restored, with that portion of the vilayet lying E. of the Maritza river, by the Treaty of Constantinople in Sept., 1913.

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