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adultery - Adultery (Lat. ad, to; alter, other);
adultery - Unfaithfulness to the marriage vow, or sexual connexion by a husband or wife with someone other than the lawful spouse. Legally, adultery is committed where these conditions obtain, however innocent the adulterer may be morally - e.g. where a woman erroneously believes her husband to be dead. It is not a crime; but it is an ecclesiastical offence, and for that reason a clergyman can bring an action of slander for being spoken of as having committed adultery, but no other man can. By the Slander of Women Act, 1891, a woman can sue for verbal allegations against her chastity. In English law, adultery by either husband or wife constitutes ground for divorce, though adultery by a husband was made so only as late as 1923. See Divorce.

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