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advowson - Advowson (Lat. advocatio, legal aid, patronage);
advowson - Right of presenting to an ecclesiastical living - e.g. a rectory or vicarage. It is a form of heritable property. It may be attached (appendant) to other property, as where the lord of the manor of X has the right to present the rector of the parish of X; or it may exist as a right independent of other property. The owner of the advowson is called the patron of the living. An advowson, unless attached to other property, may not be sold after two vacancies have occurred in the benefice subsequent to July 14, 1924. The Diocesan Board of Patronage has certain rights to purchase compulsorily any rights of patronage offered for sale. The patron has the right to prevent the incumbent from wasting church property. Where an advowson is held in trust for X, the presentation is made by the trustees, but X nominates the person to be presented. A patron must not take money for presenting a clergyman to the living.

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