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adult school - Adult School
adult school - Institution for social, educational, and religious work, originally organized and supported by the Society of Friends. These schools exist throughout the United Kingdom, and recent statistics showed a total of about 1,000 schools and nearly 20,000 members. The movement has extended to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the U.S.A.

Many schools meet on Sunday mornings. In the 19th century illiterate members were taught reading and writing. This teaching was followed by a meeting, with prayer and singing, and an address. The school then divided into sections for the study of the Bible. The basis of the school is the practical teaching of Jesus Christ. The aim is to help the members to discover and practise the art of living. Broad cultural subjects of a varied nature are now studied, with the aid of an annual lesson handbook. Associated with the schools are libraries, savings banks, study circles, lectures, arid social evenings, technical classes, social clubs, sick benefit, coal, book, and athletic clubs. Members are of both sexes, generally over 17 or IS years of age, and each school is governed by the members themselves. The schools are united in the council of the National Adult School Union, with headquarters at 30, Bloomsbury St., London, W.C.I.

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