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aesculapius - Aesculapius;
aesculapius - Roman, and better known, name of the Greek god Asclepios. In classical myth-el Dgy he was the god of medicine, though Homer speaks of him as a mortal. The son of Apollo and Coronis, he was a pupil of the centaur Chfiron. By his knowledge of tie beali-ig art he was able to restore the dead to life, and his use of this power aroused the anger of Zeus, who killed him with a thunderbolt. In later times the chief seat of his worship was Epidaurus, where his temple served the purpose of a modern hospital. A guild called the Asclepiadae, of which Hippocrates was a member, was formed of his supposed descendants. The symbol of Aesculapius, a staff with a serpent twisted round it, is the badge of the R.A.M.C.

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