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aetolia - Aetolia;
aetolia - District of ancient Greece. It was bounded S. by the Gulf of Corinth, W. by the river Achelous, N. by Epirus and Thessaly, and E. by Locris and Doris, and is now included in the modern Greek nome or prov. of Acarnania and Aetolia. Almost wholly mountainous, its people were hardy, warlike, and turbulent. After 146 b.c. Aetolia was included in the Roman prov. of Achaea. In the 13th century it passed to a Byzantine prince, in the 15th to Scanderbeg and Venice, and later to Turkey. Aetolia produces currants, wine, tobacco, and maize. It is rich in remains of ancient fortifications. Chief towns, Missolonghi and Lepanto. See Acarnania.

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