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affidavit - Affidavit (Lat. he has sworn);
affidavit - In English law, a statement put into writing, and then sworn to and signed by the witness, who is called the deponent. The oath may be administered by any person who has authority to administer oaths in the court where the affidavit is to be used, usually a commissioner for oaths: or, abroad, by a British consul. J.Ps. and registrars of county courts have also power to swear deponents in some circumstances. The deponent attends before the commissioner, signs the affidavit, and the commissioner repeats the words: "You swear that this is your name and handwriting, and the contents of this your affidavit are true, so help you God." The deponent may affirm, if he wishes, instead of swearing. At the trial of an action, facts must usually be proved by calling witnesses, but the court has power to order facts to be proved lay affidavit unless a witness is reasonably desired and can be produced. Affidavits are, however, used in interlocutory proceedings other than trials.

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