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aga khan iii - Aga Khan III;
aga khan iii - Sir Mahomed Shah, was born in 1877, knighted in 1902, and for important services in the First Great War was granted the status of a first - class Indian prince. He represented India at the World Disarmament Conference at Geneva, 1932, and led the Indian delegation to the League of Nations Assembly, 1932 and 1934-7, being elected president of the assembly in 1937. Hereditary head of the Ismaili Mahomedans, he founded the Moslem university of Aligarh (q.v.) in 1910. A well-known sportsman, he won the Derby three times. In 1935 his horse Bahrain won the 2,000 Guineas, the Derby, and the St. Leger. The Aga Khan's palace at Poona was the scene of conferences in 1927 and 3931 presided over by Lord Irwin, then viceroy of India, and attended by Gandhi. In. 1943-44, the latter was imprisoned there.

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