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ageing - Ageing;
ageing - Process, natural or artificial, whereby the properties or characteristics of materials are changed after a longer or shorter period of time. In rubber by perishing, in metals by fatigue, or in wood by decay, it is detrimental. In other materials it may be beneficial and be produced artificially. In alloys such as those of aluminium there is a period of age-hardening which can be hastened by heat or other treatment. Chemical changes due to the passage of time can be speeded up, as in the increased absorption of oxygen in varnishes, oils, rum, etc., by standing in open vats. Whisky is aged, or matured, by oxygen under pressure. In calico dyeing and printing, ageing machines are employed. The weathering of clay for brick and pottery making is a form of ageing. Iron used in electro-magnets in electrical machinery and transformers suffers an ageing loss which is considerably reduced by the use of special silicon alloys of iron, such as stalloy. Concrete hardens after a certain time and this is referred to as ageing or curing. See Alloy; Concrete.

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