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agesilaus - Agesilaus (c. 442-360 b.c.);
agesilaus - King of Sparta. Though lame and of insignificant appearance, he was one of the ablest generals of his time. An appeal from the Greeks of Asia Minor for help against the Persians led him to declare war against Persia. After a victory on the Pactolus in 396 he was preparing an expedition into the interior of the Persian empire, but was obliged to return to defend Sparta against a coalition of Athens. Thebes, Argos, and Corinth. The coalition was beaten (394) at Coronea in Boeotia.

Thebes, however, gradually increased in power, and in 371 Sparta was defeated at the battle of Leuctra, and might have suffered extinction but for the efforts of Agesilaus. This danger lasted until the death of the Theban leader Epaminondas, at the battle of Mantinea, in 362. In 361 Agesilaus led an expedition into Egypt to assist King Tachos against the Persians, but died in the following year.

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