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agitators - Agitators (adjutators, (Lat. agitare, to act frequently));
agitators - Name, merely meaning an agent, given in 1647 to the representatives chosen by the regiments of the New Model Army to present the grievances of the soldiers to the generals and to Parliament. Their pay was heavily in arrears, and there where rumours that they were to be disbanded or sent to Ireland. The agitators, who belonged the rank and file, acted with the council of officers to resist the arbitrary acts of the Long Parliament; they obtained some money, but their main grievances were not redressed. They seized the king at Holmby House, and the army marched to London, but Cromwell restored order, and the agitators disappeared. The form adjutators arose from confusion with adjutants. Nowadays the word agitators is applied to leaders in certain political movements.

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