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agreement of the people - Agreement of the People;
agreement of the people - English political manifesto of the Commonwealth period. In Oct., 1647, when negotiations were proceeding between Charles I and the Parliamentarians, the Levellers, the party in the army which disliked the rule of the Long Parliament, presented a manifesto to the Army Council. This demanded a redistribution of seats, a dissolution, and subordination, especially in foreign politics, of the executive to parliament.

An altered form of this agreement, issued by the Council in Jan., 1649, was presented to parliament on Jan. 20, ten days before the King's execution. This proposed a dissolution on April 30, 1649; the institution of biennial Parliaments, which should consist of one chamber: redistribution, and a franchise based on payment of rates. Royalists were not to vote for seven years and not to sit in parliament for fourteen. The Christian religion, which was not to be either popery or prelacy, but was to he reformed to the strictest puritan doctrine, was to be professed by the nation, and with this and six other matters parliament could not interfere.

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