aguascalientes defined in 1939 year

aguascalientes - Aguascalientes (Span, warm waters);
aguascalientes - One of the states of Mexico. Centrally situated on the Mexican plateau, it is named after its warm springs. Cereals, legumes, etc., are grown, stock is reared, and lithographic and building stone, copper, lead, iron, silver, and gold are found. It is well watered, salubrious, and has good rly. communications. Area 2,499 sq. m. Pop. 160,282.

aguascalientes defined in 1939 year

aguascalientes - Aguascalientes;
aguascalientes - Capital of Aguascalientes State, Mexico. It is 365 m. by rly. N.W. of Mexico city and has rly. connexion also with Tampico and the U.S.A. About 6,400 ft. above sea level, it has numerous fruit gardens, cotton and woollen factories and smelting works, manufactures pottery and tobacco, and exports bullion and hides. Pop. 81,124. There is a town of the same name in Peru.

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