ahmadnagar defined in 1939 year

ahmadnagar - Ahmadnagar;
ahmadnagar - Chief town of Ahmadnagar district, province of Bombay, India. On the Sina river, it is 218 m. E. of Bombay by the Great Indian Peninsula Rly. A walled city, founded in 1494 and 3 sq. m. in area, it was captured in 1803 by General Wellesley (later the great duke of Wellington). Its manufactures include cotton and silken goods, copper and brass pots. Ahmadnagar Fort, used during the South African War for the internment of Boer prisoners and during the First Great War for that of Germans, lies ½ m. to the E. Pop. 49,878. The district of Ahmadnagar, with an area of 6,600 sq. m., is chiefly agricultural and produces pulse, millet, oil-seeds, etc.

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