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aida - Aida;
aida - An opera by Giuseppe Verdi (q.v.). It was written to the commission of the Egyptian government for the opening of the Cairo opera house and first performed there in Dec., 1871. The setting is ancient Egypt, and the libretto, by Ghislanzoni, was based on a theme suggested by Mariette Bey, the French egyptologist. The music, rich and dramatic, belongs to the composer's middle period. In Feb., 1872, Verdi conducted the first Italian performance at La Scala, Milan. The opera was first performed at Covent Garden June 22, 1876.. Aldan (d. 651). Saint and Apostle of North Britain. He was a monk of lona and was sent to Northumbria at King Oswald's request. There he won the people to Christianity, and was consecrated first bishop of Liudisfarne in 635. He made this place the centre of his missionary work, and when Oswald died his successor Oswy protected him. He died at Barnborough, Aug. 31, 651.

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