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aileron - Aileron (French, wing tip);
aileron - The hinged surface fixed to the trailing edge of aircraft wings to provide lateral control. Fitted near the wing tips, the ailerons are interconnected, usually by cables, and are moved by means of the control column ("joystick") in the pilot's cockpit. When the column is drawn to the left, the left aileron is moved upwards and the right aileron is moved downwards. The result is that the "angle of attack" to the airflow over the wings is reduced on the left and increased on the right. It follows that the left wing loses some of its lift and drops while the right wing rises as its lift is increased. The opposite effects are produced when the control column (or wheel) is moved to the right; the left aileron is then pulled down and the right aileron is moved up. Movement of the aircraft brought about by actuation of the ailerons is in that which is called the rolling plane. The other control surfaces of a machine are the elevator and the rudder. The former gives control in the pitching plane and the latter in the yawing plane. See Aeroplane.

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