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aircraft establishment, royal - Aircraft Establishment, royal;
aircraft establishment, royal - Known as the Royal Aircraft Factory before the R.A.F. assumed the same initials this establishment, comprising numerous engineering workshops, an experimental and research department, aircraft hangars, and an aerodrome, was set up by the Government in the early days of flying, at Farnborough, Hampshire. Before the First Great War work was carried out there in the development of man-lifting kites, balloons, airships, aero-engines, aeroplanes, and wireless. Before and during the 19.14 - 1918 period the prototypes of numerous aeroplanes were designed and built at this factory. Amongst the more renowned of these were the B.E., for which Sir Geoffrey de Havilland was responsible, the F.B., the R.E., and the S.E. types. The R.E.8 became the standard artillery-observation machine used by the Royal Flying Corps in France until the end of the war in 1918, and the S.E.5 was one of the best scout (known later as fighter) aeroplanes of its time. R.A.F. 90 h.p. and 140 h.p. engines which were employed extensively in the First Great War emanated in the first place from the factory at Farnborough. In the between-wars period the establishment continued to function as an experimental and research station, and work of the same kind was carried out there throughout the Second Great War.

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