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alloy, aluminium bronze - (1) Thia alloy is composed of 90 parts of coppet and 10 of aluminium. It is a definite chemical compound, and was discovered by Dr. Percy. It was manufactured for many years at Washington, near Newcastle, by J. Lowthian Bell, who obtained it by melting the copper in a crucible made of graphite or some other highly refractory material; the correct proportion of metallic aluminium was added to the melted copper, the two metals uniting with evolution of intense heat. Aluminium bronze is of a yellow colour, resembling gold; it is extremely hard and tenacious, and possesses great malleability and strength. It is admirably adapted for the working parts of machinery where great durability is required, and has a power of withstanding compression nearly equal to that of the best steel. Aluminium bronze containing 10 per cent, of aluminium possesses the maximum degree of hardness, strength, and tenacity; a larger proportion of aluminium renders the alloy weak and brittle. It has a specific gravity of 7.68; the weight of a cubic inch is 0.276 lb., and the tensile strength 82 tons per sq. in.

(2) 100 parts copper and 10 aluminium, measured by weighing, when combined is a durable alloy, which may be forged and worked in the same manner as copper, and is the same colour as pale gold. 80 parts copper, 19 zinc, and 1 aluminium form a good durable alloy.

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