babbitt's attrition metal

babbitt's attrition metal defined in 1909 year

babbitt's attrition metal - Babbitt's Attrition Metal;
babbitt's attrition metal - Melt separately 4 lb. of copper, 12 lb. best quality tin, 8 lb. regulus of antimony, and 12 lb. more of tin while the composition is in a melted state. Pour the antimony into the tin, then mix with the copper away from the fire in a separate pot.

In melting the composition, it is better to keep a small quantity of powdered charcoal on the surface of the metal. The above composition is called "hardening." For lining-metal, take 1 lb. of hardening and melt it with 2 lb. of tin, which produces the lining-metal for use. Thus the proportions for lining-metal are, 4 lb. of copper, 8 lb. of regulus of antimony, and 96 lb. of tin.

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