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alloys, silver - Alloys, Silver;
alloys, silver - (a) De Ruolz and Fontenay have invented the following alloy, which may be used for almost all purposes for which silver is usually employed: Silver, 20 parts; purified nickel, 28 parts; copper, 52 parts. Melt the copper and nickel in the granular state, then introduce the silver. The flux to be employed is charcoal and borax, both in the state of powder; and the ingots obtained are to be rendered malleable by annealing for a considerable time in powdered charcoal.

(b) Copper, ¼ oz.; brass, 2 oz.; pure silver, 3 oz.; bismuth, 2 oz.; saltpetre, 2 oz.; common salt, 1 oz.; arsenic, 1 oz.; potash, 1 oz.; melt in a crucible with powdered charcoal.

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