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aluminium paper - aluminium paper;
aluminium paper -
  • The French Aluminium Co. have conducted a number of experiments on the manufacture of aluminium paper, for the use of packages containing foods, etc. The paper is coated on one side only, so that there can be no metal in contact with the substance contained in the parcel.

    Two machines are employed. One of them receives the raw paper in rolls for preparation. It comprises a number of cylinders and a trough in which the colour is mixed with the gelatine or casein. To make metallised paper the liquid contains metallic dust in suspension which is deposited on the paper with the colour. Brushes worked by the machine itself spread out the coat evenly. Then the paper continuing in motion is drawn towards the dryer. The latter has a double rolling track supported on pillars and constituted by two endless chains running across the building lengthwise four times. When the paper leaves the machine it is supported by a stick, which automatically places itself on spurs fixed at intervals on the chains. Thus the paper is carried by a large number of sticks which are drawn through the dryer at a uniform rate of speed. Finally, after travelling about 500 metres, the paper is collected on a reel and conveyed to the calenders and, if necessary, goffered.
  • (6) By the Wickel process great improvements have been effected, as by it papers of all thicknesses can be treated.

    The paper is first of all coated with a varnish of suitable rosins dissolved in ether or alcohol; it is then drawn by heated rollers under a narrow trough equal in length to the width of the paper, from which the metallic dust is uniformly shaken down and deposited on the paper, any excess of dust being drawn off by a suitable aspirator. By this process the metal is protected from corrosion by the varnish, and therefore retains its value as a protective coating of the paper. When calendered and goffered, the paper is suitable for all kinds of purposes. Cotton cloth or silk can also be metallised with equal facility by this process. ('World's Paper Trade Review.')

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