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boiler incrustation, alkalies - boiler incrustation, Alkalies;
boiler incrustation, alkalies - When the water contains carbonate of lime and magnesia chiefly, very little of anything is needed, as these are deposited in a loose form by the mere boiling of the water, for they owe their presence in the water to the fact that they are only soluble in water containing carbonic acid gas in solution; and on boiling, this gas passes away, and consequently the carbonates are deposited. The addition of some caustic soda will assist in this action.

In the case of sulphate of lime, it is desirable to add some carbonate of soda to decompose it, and convert the sulphate into carbonate of lime, sulphate of soda being formed at the same time. In the case of magnesia sulphate, caustic soda acts better than carbonate of soda, oxide of magnesia, which is more insoluble and bulky than carbonate of magnesia, being thrown down. Hence it will be found that carbonate of soda in its various forms of soda crystals, soda ash, or ammonia alkali and caustic soda, form the basis of most boiler compositions.

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