boiler incrustation, magnesia

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boiler incrustation, magnesia - boiler incrustation, Magnesia;
boiler incrustation, magnesia - In using magnesia preparations the precipitation is only very slowly and incompletely effected - one part of the magnesia will be covered by the slush and the formed carbonate of magnesia in such a way, that it can no more dissolve in water and have any effect ('Dingler's Polyt. Journ.'). The use of carbonate of soda is also cheaper than all other above-mentioned substances. One milligramme equivalent sulphate of lime in 1 litre = 68 grm, sulphate of lime in 1 cub. m. requiring for decomposition: 120 gr. (68-88 per cent.) chloride of barium of commerce - cost, 0.6d.

Or 50 gr. magnesia preparation - cost, ½d.

Or 55 gr. (96-98 per cent.) carbonate of soda - cost, 0.41d. The proportions of cost by using chloride of barium, magnesia preparation, carbonate of soda will be 6: 5: 4.

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