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book binding, substitute for brass lettering - book binding, Substitute for Brass Lettering;
book binding, substitute for brass lettering - Place an open vessel half-full of water on the fire, and let it boil, and set a small empty tin pot floating within it, loading the pot with some weight that it may sink low in the water. Obtain some ordinary printing types and arrange them in the required order as a compositor would, in one of those brass frames with wooden handles used for marking linen, and screw them tight in their place, taking care to have them all level with each other on the; face. Lay the face of the types in the tin pot, in which some simple contrivance should be placed to prevent their being damaged, and let them get as hot as they will, as in this situation they cannot get too hot. Cut a piece of real morocco leather larger than the size of the label wanted, breathe on it, and give it one coat of glaire; when the glaire is dry rub it slightly over with the oil-rag, and lay on the centre enough leaf gold to receive the impression of the types; place the label on a rather hard pad, and stamp the types on the gold with a sharp even pressure.

On wiping off the gold with the rag, the impression of the type remains clear and full, and if well done is far more close and distinct than anything which can be done by the most expert finisher with the brass letters of the bookbinder. The label is now cut to the proper size, and pasted evenly in its place on the back of the volume; to look well, it should be pared round the edges with a sharp knife until the extreme edge is as thin as paper. After it is dry, a gold fillet may be passed over the juncture of morocco with the calf or other leather by way of finish. The above is the easiest mode of lettering for the amateur, but it is practicable only on real morocco, the heat which can be imparted to printers' metal by hot water not being sufficient to burn the gold into ordinary leather; it is, however, a permanent method.

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