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cements, alabaster - Cements, Alabaster;
cements, alabaster - Cements for uniting pieces of alabaster, marble, Derbyshire spar, and other kinds of white stone, are in frequent demand. The following recipes give satisfactory results. Those containing resin must be applied hot, and the pieces to be joined must also be heated up to the melting-point of resin.
  1. Plaster-of-Paris made to a cream with water. Sets in a few minutes, but it does not become perfectly hard for several days, or until it is thoroughly dry.
  2. Yellow resin, 2 parts; melt and stir in one part of plaster-of-Paris, which has been thoroughly dried and heated.
  3. Yellow resin, beeswax and plaster-of-Paris, equal parts.
  4. Resin, 8 parts; wax, 1; melt and stir in 4 of plaster-of-Paris.

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