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cements, amber - Cements, Amber;
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  1. 2 surfaces of amber may be united by smearing them with boiled linseed - oil, pressing them strongly together, and heating them over a clear charcoal fire. To keep the parts in firm contact, it may be well to tie them with the soft iron wire, known as binding wire.
  2. A solution of hard copal in pure ether, of the consistency of castor oil, is suggested by Ph. Rust for cementing amber. The carefully cleaned surfaces of fracture, coated with the solution, should be pressed together, and retained in contact by means of a string wound around the object, or in some other suitable way. The operation should be performed as rapidly as possible, since the evaporation of the ether impairs the adhesiveness of the cement; so that all arrangements for compressing the object should be made before laying on the cement. A few days are required for the complete hardening of it. In repairing tubes, as for pipes, any of the solution happening to pass into the interior should be carefully removed at once with a slender feather.
  3. The 'Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal' states that amber may be cemented by moistening the surfaces with solution of potash, and pressing them together.

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