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  1. The jewellers of Turkey, who are mostly Armenians, have a singular method of ornamenting watch cases, etc., with diamonds and other precious stones, by simply gluing or cementing them on. The stone is set in gold or silver, and the lower part of the metal made flat, or to correspond with that part to which it is to be fixed. It is then warmed gently and the glue applied, which is so very strong that the parts thus cemented never separate. For this glue, which will firmly unite bits of glass and even polished steel, and which may, of course, be applied to a vast variety of useful purposes, a large number of formulae have been published. The following is the original recipe; Dissolve 5 or 6 bits of gum mastic, each the size of a large pea, in as much alcohol as will suffice to render them liquid; in another vessel dissolve as much isinglass, previously a little softened in water (though none of the water must be used), in good brandy or rum, as will make a 2-oz. phial of very strong glue, adding 2 small bits of galbanum or ammoniacum, which must be rubbed or ground until they are dissolved. Then mix the whole with a sufficient heat, keep the glue in a phial closely stoppered, and when it is to be used, set the phial in boiling water. To avoid the cracking of the phial by exposure to such sudden heat, use a thin, green, glass phial, and hold it in the steam for a few seconds before immersing it in the hot water.
  2. Dr. Ure's. - Isinglass, 1 oz.; distilled water, 6 oz.; boil to 3 oz., and add rectified spirit, 1½ oz.; boil for a minute or two, strain and add while hot, first, a milky emulsion of ammoniac, ½ oz., and then tincture of mastic, 5 dr.
  3. Keller's. - Soak ½ oz. of isinglass in 4 oz. Water, for 24 hours; evaporate in a water bath to 2 oz., add 2 oz. rectified spirit (alcohol 85 per cent.), and strain through linen. Mix this solution while warm with a solution of best gum mastic in 2 oz. alcohol; add 1 dr. powdered gum ammoniac, and triturate together until perfectly incorporated, avoiding loss of the alcohol by evaporation as much as possible.
  4. Isinglass dissolved in alcohol (by first soaking in water), 3 oz.; bottoms of mastic varnish (thick but clear), 1½ oz.; mix well.
  5. Fish isinglass dissolved in dilute spirits of wine. Simmer gently in a bottle, with the stopper loosely in it, about one hour. When cold it will be a stiff, almost hard jelly. When required for use it is heated by standing the bottle in hot water. When it gets too stiff spirit can be added to bring it to the right consistency again.

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