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cements, chrome - Cements, Chrome;
cements, chrome - This cement consists of a strong solution of gelatine, to which has been added, for every 5 parts of gelatine, 1 of a solution of acid chromate of lime. The mixture becomes insoluble in water under the action of light, in consequence of the partial reduction of the chromic acid, and this property is utilised on several occasions in photography. Professor Schwartz has been experimenting with it as a cement for glass. With a fresh preparation of the solution he covered the surfaces to be united as evenly as possible, pressed them together, and then tied them together. He then exposed the glass to the sun, and at the end of a few hours the operation had perfectly succeeded. Boiling water has no effect on the oxidized cement, and the fracture could scarcely be recognised. Valuable objects in glass, which would be disfigured with common cement, can be satisfactorily repaired in this manner. It is probable that microscopic object-glasses could be better fastened with this than with black asphalt.

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