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cements, fireproof and waterproof - Cements, Fireproof and Waterproof;
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  1. To 4 or 5 parts of clay, thoroughly dried and pulverised, add 2 parts of fine iron filings free from oxide, 1 part of peroxide of manganese, ½ part of sea salt, and ½ part of borax. Mingle these thoroughly and render them as fine as possible, then reduce them to a thick paste with the necessary quantity of water, mixing thoroughly well. It must be used immediately. After application it should be exposed to heat, gradually increasing almost to a white heat. This cement is very hard, and presents complete resistance alike to a red heat and boiling water.
  2. To equal parts of sifted peroxide of manganese and well-pulverised zinc white, add a sufficient quantity of commercial soluble glass to form a thin paste. This mixture, when used immediately, forms a cement quite equal in hardness and resistance to that obtained by the first method.

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